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Anonymous asked:
You reblogged a gifset, the one where the girls go to the future and phoebe gets burnt at the stake. The third gif actually made me die laughing omg, perfect. Phoebes face in it was the best. Thanks.

But we don’t reblog gifsets, we make em.

Anonymous asked:
Do you know who was the first and last demon the sisters fought??

Google is your friend.

Anonymous asked:
Hi,I just found your blog so I'm sorry if you already answered a question similar to mine. I'm from Brazil and here they didn't aired the 9th season. So I would like to know if Prue is really back or if it's just a trip to the past? And she's on the entire season or just a few episodes? Thanks in advance. :)

I honestly have no idea, sorry. The dvds only have 8 seasons, the 9th is a comic and I haven’t read that yet.

I notice your gifs are a little Paige-lite. Did you not like her character or the way her story was written? Or is it just luck if the draw? Ps I love your blog but it gives me really bad Charmed cravings!! X

Shit, no, I love Paige! I just prefer the earlier seasons.