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What's your favorite creature and/or demon of the show?


Anonymous asked:
Do you think Charmed got boring after Prue left? Did you like Paige?

No, it didn’t get boring felt a bit weird at first without her. I didn’t really like Paige straight away due to the fact that I loved Prue and couldn’t imagine the show without her, however around the middle or end of S4, I began to start liking Paige and by the time the show was over I liked Paige more than I liked Phoebe.

Charmed is my favorite thing in the world, I miss watching it for the first time, this blog makes missing Charmed less awful. So I guess I mean to say thank you for running this awesome blog.

I think we’d all like to erase our experience of watching this amazing show for the first time just so we could experience it all over again, but don’t worry you could always re-watch, anyway thank you!

Anonymous asked:
Do you guys like Prue's ability to move objects or Paige's? Like which one is better to you guys? They're so different

I like them both to be honest, I don’t prefer one over the other.