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Anonymous asked:
Hi,I just found your blog so I'm sorry if you already answered a question similar to mine. I'm from Brazil and here they didn't aired the 9th season. So I would like to know if Prue is really back or if it's just a trip to the past? And she's on the entire season or just a few episodes? Thanks in advance. :)

I honestly have no idea, sorry. The dvds only have 8 seasons, the 9th is a comic and I haven’t read that yet.

I notice your gifs are a little Paige-lite. Did you not like her character or the way her story was written? Or is it just luck if the draw? Ps I love your blog but it gives me really bad Charmed cravings!! X

Shit, no, I love Paige! I just prefer the earlier seasons.

Hello! I just wanted to say that you're blog is amazing! I just now 10 minutes ago finished The Charmed season eight final and I wasn't able to control the tears and how much of a journey it was! I'm already doing a re-marathon!

Anonymous asked:
Hi, dear :) do you maybe have a gif when Fibi told Piper's baby 'you look so sweet, you should be on GQ main' or something like that ? ;D